Let Us Help You With Your Unwanted Property?



Inheriting a house? Cash in your memories, not your time.

Did you recently inherit a house? Congratulations! While it's a sentimental gift, managing an unwanted property can be overwhelming. Between repairs, paperwork, and endless showings, it can feel like a burden instead of a blessing. 

Here's how we help you:

Ditch Olympia, WA's landlord drama, cash in your equity.

Olympia's new rental laws worry you?    Fast and hassle-free. We are property buyers who take care of everything: closing costs, paperwork, repairs, even finding and relocating tenants if needed. You just walk away with a stack of cash in your hand. 

Here's how we help you:

Facing Foreclosure? Don't Panic. We Can Help You Move Forward.

Facing a tough financial situation and worried about foreclosure? 

We understand. We're not here to pressure you, but to offer a solution that allows you to move forward with dignity. And since we buy property for cash, you will have financial security.

Here's how we help you:

Junk the toolbox, regain your weekends. We buy houses as is.

Tired of endless repairs? Facing code violations?

Give us the hammer and nails, you take the cash. We Does it feel like you are stuck with a money pit? Does the never-ending to-do list take up too much of time, brain space, and money? We also specialize in Olympia-area code violations.

Here's how we help you:

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